For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.   Jeremiah 29:11

I attended a special night at the symphony a while back, which I hadn’t done in a very long time. My friend with me said, Dee, “We’re gonna get culture!” Ha!  There was just something about sitting in this theater watching the orchestra, looking elegant in their black tux or dress; tuning their instruments making sure they each had the right pitch and sound. I thought about the years of instruction each individual had committed to and now their commitment to the group as a whole, practicing their part at home and then scheduling time to practice bringing their parts together for an amazing sound to share with others.

I was awed at the honor placed on the first violinist and the conductor, oh the conductor! What honor and respect were offered when she stepped on the stage giving a respectful hand shake to the first violinist and then stepping onto her podium, reserved just for her. As she stood center stage before the orchestra she didn’t speak, sing or play an instrument but all eyes were on her and no one made a move until she did! 

She stood very still, hands hovered softly in the air as if to touch it, all was silent until she gently moved her hands away from each other and suddenly a most beautiful sound began to rise from the stage. With all members playing their part they blended into the most beautiful sound! The conductor moved her hands and outstretched arms as if begging attention in a certain area and they obediently provided as she requested. Getting louder, softer, faster or slower, the conductor helped the group keep pace and tempo providing a beautiful rhythmic and melodic sound.

The larger part of the orchestra the audience sees is the string section with so many violins. I love the violin and putting so many together is an amazing sound. I struggled to see those that made up the horn section and then behind them were the percussionist. Oh, what faithful servants assigned to a bell, triangle, wood block or drum. Waiting their turn to make what might be one momentary sound. Standing and waiting for his directive from his conductor the percussionist stood with his triangle in one hand and its strike rod poised in the other.  I watched the conductor to see how she would release the triangle and all its potential to its purpose. The music was flowing with such beautiful harmony and with all the grace of a bird landing softly on its perch, with an outstretched arm the conductor pointed to the percussionist gave a gentle downward wave and he struck the triangle. Its sweet almost childlike sound rang out over the whole orchestra and through the theater. It was a sound that had it not been there would have been terribly missed. 

God is our conductor, and he has a plan and purpose for each of us. You might be a violin one of many necessary for every crescendo or maybe you’re a triangle or wood clapper needed for only a moment, but without you it would not have been a most excellent experience. Know God’s purpose for you — seek it out, practice and see yourself as part of an elegant team. Play your part and take your cue from our most amazing conductor! 

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