If this is all I allow you for now, will you still honor me in it?

 omen nstituting aithful xcellence                                                                                                                                                                                              
W.I.F.E. Goals:
Providing and encouraging spiritual growth and faithful excellence in every season of a woman’s life.
Seek God’s will and Word in our marriages and our lives.
Develop a prayer life that reflects faith and trust knowing God will provide all our needs.
Bring our husbands good, not harm, Proverbs 31:12
Explore our worth through the eyes of our God and Savior.
Learn to extend God’s mercies that are new every morning,” (Lam.3:22-23) to our husbands, others and ourselves.
Not allow our emotions to control our level of contentment.
Find accountability with other ladies; keeping confidences.
Do not betray another man’s confidence. Proverbs 25:9b
Confess our struggles to other Godly women.
Connect with ladies, finding new friendships.
Pray for one another.






Sometimes it’s not the one speaking that does the damage but the one listening.  As Christians, we need to adopt a heart filled with the Holy Spirit ceasing judgments until we have “removed the plank from our own eyes”. We will adopt a “listener’s heart” attitude holding confidences in a special place reserved only for the judgment of God Himself.  We will listen with a heart that confesses that we are all sinners in need of Christ.


Now it is required

that those

who have been given a trust

must prove faithful.

I Corinthians 4:2





Ladies, we have wonderful imaginations. We can place ourselves right into a “Cinderella story” desiring our husbands to be our Prince Charming. The problem is; we are hardly a Cinderella or Snow White.  Maybe we’d pass as a great Fiona!  W.I.F.E. is committed to helping women be the kind of wives God wants us to be.  We offer a venue for women to seek Godly help, strength, accountability and prayer with other women who understand the need and desire to make their marriages all He intended them to be.  We realize that being in the center of His will; does not first depend on the actions of others.  It’s time we aimed our expectations at; whatever is true...Phil. 4:8.  We can have the marriage of our dreams, just not of fairy tales.  
Single Ladies: We want all women to feel comfortable at W.I.F.E. The “W” doesn’t stand for wife it stands for “women”. As we strengthen our walk with the Lord, all relationships will become stronger.  Let’s draw encouragement from each other in seeking enough Christian love, accountability, under-girding and grace to see us through to the other side of every season in our journey with Him.

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