If this is all I allow you for now, will you still honor me in it?
This Turkey Soars Again!

by Dee Wieninger
January 2, 2009

“Just maybe your marriage is like that turkey, rising to the occasion in short, powerful bursts." 
"You’re right, your marriage isn’t all it could be and it’s possible this may be all I allow you right now. 
Are you willing to accept that?"

The Lord never ceases to amaze me with His attentiveness to me and those things that concern me!  I often say to fellow Christians, “How can God be spending any time with you when He spends most of His time with and on me?”  It raises a smile and a nod of the head as they understand exactly what I’m trying to convey.  We have a God who didn’t just leave us His Word and then say…enjoy---adios.  We have a God who is personally involved in our lives and if we seek Him with our whole heart His Word promises that we will find Him.  He doesn’t just give a command without giving us the necessary lessons and tools to succeed in obeying that command. 

I wrote the “Turkey” story a year and a half ago and this past weekend (2009) the Lord brought it right back home to bless me, again. It has been a difficult couple of weeks emotionally.   I have been attending a new church for the past year or so and have struggled with such a desire to be accepted, noticed and utilized. I guess you could say, "I wanted to be significant"! Don’t ask me why?  I know all the Christian clichés of, “It’s not about me-it’s about Him.” It’s not about here-it’s about there.”  I keep telling myself these things over and over still the feeling of being uncared about and unneeded have been overwhelming.  It has been so weird to me that I could come into a new church and for the most part be ignored and unappreciated as a new member.  I told myself again; “It’s not about me….It’s not about here…over and over but my flesh wanted, at the very least, to be recognized as being present and available.  If a person’s eyes met mine I wanted them to stop and say “hi” but the majority of the time they kept right on walking like I wasn’t in the room.  What is that all about? How does a Christian person just walk by someone and not even give them a passing smile and say, “How are you?”  I would start to smile and go to say “hi” but they would look away and were off in a shot, not at all interested in me or my “Hello”.  It has been so frustrating! I know it’s not about me but it sure would have been nice to be acknowledged.  I know it is sinful and selfish and prideful and downright unchristian yet the feelings prevailed.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; if these feelings aren’t going away there must be a reason.  I have prayed and searched my heart and God’s Word but I talked out loud to the Lord on my way to church this past Sunday saying, “I don’t want these things to bother me.  How can someone who loves you so much and trusts that you are with me and in me and fills me to overflowing still want or care that fellow Christians…,if nothing else, at least say HELLO?  Why does it bother me so?”

And God showed up; right there in my/His truck!  He said, Remember your/our “Turkey’s Don’t Fly” story?  Now take what you learned about me and how I accept everything you offer me and turn it around to your own relationship with your Christian brothers and sisters.  Accept whatever they offer you, even if it seems so little or sometimes nothing.  Do as I do!  Wait, show grace, mercy and love in spite of their treatment of you!  WOW!  Don’t tell me the Lord doesn’t take time to teach and try to build “Christ like attitudes!”   He doesn’t want us to just “get over ourselves”.  He wants us to love ourselves and others in spite of ourselves!  As we do it unto the least of these, your brethren we do it unto you.  

Father, you are always right here waiting to have a relationship with us and we totally ignore you or keep you at a distance giving you a passing glance and we're off in a shot to "serve you"; yet you love us and continue to wait for our desire to catch up to yours and make time for you.  Help us to desire to be with you every day and to see each brother and sister as an opportunity to be to them what you are to us; a constant source of encouragement and love seeking sincere relationship. Since applying what the Lord had put on my heart I have said, "Hi" to folks even as they flew by me and notoriously they would slow down or stop altogether and say "Hi" back.  I have become more plugged in and I'm beginning to feel like a part of the family. Sometimes we have to force our love on others to get their attention.  God does that for us so often!  We are so blessed to have an awesome God!

Again, privilege and opportunity presented itself and I was blessed by its presence but only when I recognized my responsibility and responded appropriately.  Praise you, Father!

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