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Doing the Difficult on Purpose




Getting better at the art of relationships will require practice:

* God will allow struggles in order to know Him more and build our character. 2 Corinthians 1:3-5

* Past successes prepare us for future struggles.(Corrie tenBoom quote)

* The same perfecting efforts we give hobbies or careers should be given to our marriages and relationships and our walk with God.

* Blocked (tree in picture window) or (from inside the gondola) distorted views might give new meaning to our opinions of others or our understanding of God’s Word.

  1. Have you ever experienced receiving something in an unexplainable manor? Not given the option of saying "No"? or at least given the option of saying "yes" with reservation? How did it make you feel?  

  2. What hobbies do you have and how much time do you devote to them?

“I had never considered the fact that skier’s actually have a choice of trails that challenge their abilities and stamina. This made me wonder why anyone would choose the most difficult trail on purpose.”

  1. What hobbies or events in your life provide opportunities for improvement with practice.

  2. If you were to label a situation you currently or recently experienced which shape would you give it? Why?

  3. Would you see it as a level of progress to something greater? How?

  4. Why did marketing agents use such adjectives for Heavenly and Breckenridge ski resorts? What did they offer the avid skier?  What adjectives might we use to challenge relational improvements?

  5. What’s the purpose of pushing yourself just a little further?

(The goal of my physical therapy is to be able to move my shoulder just a little further each time I exercise.)

We don’t usually look at “practicing at relationships” Returning to the thought of hobbies or challenges to which you commit time and effort in order to push yourself just a little further; do you give the same effort to relationships? Do you even think...this is an opportunity to practice and get better at this relationship?  

How can practice be given to relationships?

Add to these scripture verses others you think of that encourage relationship building?

John 13:34-35; Romans 12:10: 2 Corinthians 13:11; Galatians 5:22Ephesians 4:22-24

Here are a few articles by James Clear on the subject of practice. You may find special encouragement in his thoughts.; https://; “If you find yourself stuck with bad habits or poor results, it's usually not because something happened overnight. It's the sum of many small choices a 1 percent decline here and there that eventually leads to a problem.”

Jesus Christ not only left his Heavenly realm and came to earth to live with mankind and teach us of the Father, setting examples of how we are to live, but he took the sins of the world upon himself, he took our place on the cross cleansing us from all sin and restoring relationship with the Father. This probably didn’t take practice to get to this type of relationship, but it did take love, obedience and commitment to the Father’s purpose.

We need to be this committed to our walk with the Lord in order to fulfill the Father’s plans and purposes in our lives. We can only succeed with the help of the Holy Spirit, but it takes love and obedience and commitment!

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