By Faith Ministries Online Bible Study

Make Bricks Without Straw 


Make the work harder for the people so that they keep working and pay no attention to lies. Exodus 5:9

Character building lesson God was trying to teach: 

My joy and personal growth should not be contingent on the success of others actions and attentions toward me

As long as Satan can keep us bombarded with our emotional, physical and psychological needs unmet he will keep us from our SPIRITUAL need of a closer walk with the Lord...bondage under unmet wants, needs, and desires!

"If Satan can’t make you bad he’ll make you busy"...or sick or angry!

What are your bricks? i.e. joy, contentment or maybe a strong marriage, a better job, successful...??

What is your straw? Husband's attentions, promotion/increased salary, complete my check-off list, validation, approval, recognition...??

Who provides your straw? In whom do you depend to provide love and attention, recognition?  What are these needs—really? In our previous lesson you made a list and determined how many of your needs represented 30%. Does this person provide even that 30%?

Pharaoh knew the power of exhaustion and discouragement and played that card well.  Satan plays that game with us today! Are you in a state of exhaustion or discouragement? Can you recognize Satan's hand in this and what can you do about it?

Who do you see as your "Pharaoh", making your life difficult, unhappy or unsuccessful? Who is withholding your straw of human needs?

Can this person really fill all your needs?  Have you ever considered that you are setting them up for failure?

How do we refocus our only source back on God alone? (Share scriptures that might assist.)

Is there a situation in your life that God may be saying..."It is thought this union I am going to teach you more about myself?  

How can I allow God to make the brick of joy and contentment without the straw of human effort? (See pg. 2)

Now, with God as our source What are your bricks?

Now, with God as our source What is your straw?

Scriptures:   Exodus 5:9James 4:1-2



I share the above picture as it conveys a persistent nature to be able to blossom just about anywhere; 
in any situation!  Let this be our nature!