If this is all I allow you for now, will you still honor me in it?




By Dee Wieninger


We are in Sam’s house.  5-6 People are sitting around chatting about religion drinking soda and eating snacks.  The conversation is kind-of heated but they seem to be enjoying the discussion.  One person chimes in with a verse from the Bible that says…

Person # 3:  (Fred) What about the verse where Jesus says: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me; gives his thought on these (3) three attributes of Christ.

Person # 4:  Agrees with Fred and adds a few thoughts. Others can inject for a few seconds.

Person # 5 (Sam):  Don't you think Jesus’ statement is a little narrow minded?  Do you really believe there is only one way to heaven?  I think we need to recognize other people’s beliefs and be more accepting. (Looking at person #3 walking to the fridge says, Hey, man can I get you anything? This will show that we are in Person #5’s (Sam’s) house.  The other person says, "No thanks!)

Person # 4:  I grew up as an Army brat and my Dad always said, "As long as you live under my roof you’ll follow my rules!" He ran the house like we were regular soldiers and for the most part we were good kids and the house ran smoothly except for the regular childhood rebellion and faulty parenting.  God created this world and everything in it. Don’t you think that the God of the universe has a plan for His perfect heaven?  Don’t you think we need to follow His rules?

Person #5: (Sam) Yea, but who’s to say which God is the right God. Should we follow Buddha, or Confucius, or Jesus? How do we know who’s right?

Person # 2 It’s just wrong to believe in just one God.  Frankly, I don’t know why anyone believes in God anyway. Wouldn’t a good God make everything run smooth and not allow bad and evil things to happen?

Person # 3:  I believe with my whole heart that if God is God He would give us a way to live. He didn’t just put us here and leave saying; “Adios! Have fun! Try not to annihilate yourselves.” God gave us His Word so we would know what is right and wrong; so that we would know Him and how much He loves us and in order to come into his presence we need to go through Jesus.

Person #1: The first thing we need to recognize is that we are sinners and according to that passage “Jesus being the way”…we can’t even reach God without His Son, Jesus.

Person #5 (Sam)  Getting chips out of the pantry and putting them into a bowl and brings them to the group.  That’s what I mean, you all are so narrow minded.  To try to convince the world that Jesus is the only way to reach God.  That’s ridiculous!

Person #4:  But you know what? Even Jesus says that in God’s Word.  Somewhere in Matthew it says, "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. You need to find that narrow gate, Sam. I’m tellin’ you man.

Fade out: (Sam is shaking his head in disgust and interrupts) saying; “You’ll never convince me, little long the whole world, that there is only one way…that Jesus is the only way.  You all are crazy! Fade out to black:

Fade in with the Bible discussion breaking up and beginning talk of playing basketball.  Fred says he wants to call Kenny to join them in B-Ball. 

Fred tries his cell phone, but can’t get a signal.  Sam says yeah, most of the time I can’t get a good signal out here. You have to use the landline. 

Fred:  Picks up phone and starts to dial. Hey, man I’m not getting a signal on this thing either.

Sam:  You have to dial “9”.  That’s my business phone.

Fred:  Dials 9 and then the number, but gets a recording saying; “you must first dial a 1”.

Sam:  Walks by saying; “I forgot to tell you that Ken’s long distance, be sure to dial a “1”

Fred:  Redials again looking frustrated saying the numbers 9-1-410-555-4316 but doesn’t reach Kenny; hears Kenny on the recording saying: “You know the routine”, (beep sound).  

Fred:  Leaving a voice mail. Hey man it's Fred, we’re at Sam’s and gonna play a round of B-Ball come on over when you can. Catch you later.

Fred:  Maybe he’s online. I’ll try e-mailing him.  Hey, man can I log on to your computer. 

Sam:  Sure dude, you’ll have to put in my password.

Fred:  Do you want to come over here and sign me in?

Sam:  No, There’s no top-secret stuff in there.  My password is ShootNon3

Fred: What?!

Sam:  ShootNon3

Fred:  Shooting on three; Hey man it’s not working!

Sam:  It’s case sensitive. You have to capitalize the “S” in ShootN and don’t spell out “and” just put the capital letter “N” and the number 3.

Fred:  Speaking out loud:  ShootN so I don’t spell out shoot”ing”  Its slang, right! Ok! (Talking to himself) That’s cute; shootNonthree – do I spell out three or…

Sam:  just put the number 3 and run it all together. ShootNon3

Fred:  speaking out what he is typing “capital S-h-o-o-t-capital-N-o-n-3.”

The computer comes to life and he throws his hands up as if he’s made a touchdown.

Fred:  Now what’s his e-mail address at work?  Isn’t it something like Ken’s under_stress@let’

Fred:  Is it .net. or org?

Sam:  Doesn’t he work for the government?  Is it: Ken’sunder_stress@let’

Person #4:  I thought he worked he works at a college; isn’t it .edu?

Fred walks away from the computer looking at Sam:  There is only one-way to the God of the universe; calling on the name of Jesus. That’s easy! BUT getting a hold of Kenny…puuffmmphrrttt!  And you say I’m narrow minded!!! 

Sam: Stands looking at Fred and back to the computer scratching his head.

Fade to Black

Fade in:  Scripture:  "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

Permission is given to all churches and ministries to use this script for the purpose of sharing its message. 
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