If this is all I allow you for now, will you still honor me in it?
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by Dee Wieninger

Excerpt from The Practice of the Presence of God

By Brother Lawrence 

"If sometimes he is a little too much absent from that Divine presence, GOD presently makes Himself to be felt in his soul to recall him; which often happens when he is most engaged in his outward business: he answers with exact fidelity to these inward drawings, either by an elevation of his heart towards GOD, or by a meek and fond regard to Him, or by such words as love forms upon these occasions; as for instance, My GOD, here I am all devoted to Thee: LORD, make me according to Thy heart. And then it seems to him (as in effect he feels it) that this GOD of love, satisfied with such few words, reposes again, and rests in the depth and centre of his soul. The experience of these things gives him such an assurance that GOD is always in the depth or bottom of his soul, and renders him incapable of doubting it, upon any account whatever."

I do believe it was after I read the words of Brother Lawrence a few of years ago that I started a little game with the Lord that I'll call 444. (It must be clearly understood that you read this as four-four-four and not four hundred forty four) I don't remember how it came about, I just know that when I see multiple numbers whether on a digital clock, pages of a book or on the license plate of a car passing me on the highway I see it as God's way of getting my attention and "make Himself to be felt in my soul to recall Him!" God can get my attention in all kinds of ways like seeing the leaves turn brilliant colors in the fall or a rainbow after a storm! But this is one way that I especially enjoy because He plays it with me on a daily basis!  Throughout the day when I am very busy in my work, concentrating on my task or worse yet vegging in front of the TV; for no particular reason my eye will be drawn to the tiny corner of my computer or to the DVR cable box of the TV and I'll see 4:44 or 11:11 or 3:45 or backwards - 5:43. The silliest grin comes across my face and my hands raise (either slightly or straight into the air depending on my location) and I say either out loud or in my heart, "I love you Lord! I praise you Lord! I tell Him how wonderful He is and thank Him for loving me so much that He visits me throughout the day with this little game.  

What I also love about this game is that I never lose!  Even if I should look at a clock or license plate and it DOESN'T have a number pattern my mind is still drawn to God; I have never looked at the clock and said, “Oh well, no pattern, God's not in it!” I still smile and say "every second of everyday is my moment to love and praise you!" The patterns do hold a special place in my heart though!  Have you ever had a friend or loved one call you out of the blue and say, "I was thinking about you and just wanted to say 'Hi'! Wow! It doesn't happen often but it's so special when it does! That's how I feel about my number patterns! It's that extra special, "Hello Denise, I'm thinking about you!" Who wouldn't smile and take notice of that? Who wouldn't give Him praise and devotion when He takes time out of His busy day to play with His little girl!

What an amazing God we have! I pray you will never look at a clock or numbers the same way ever again! I have a feeling you never will!  Enjoy every moment with your heavenly Father!





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